Only a united Church can heal a broken city


We’re called to love one another and seek the welfare of our city. One of the foundational ways we come together is in prayer. When you join the PerthTogether Prayer Wall, you’re actively contributing to the prosperity of Perth.

“Pursue the well-being of the city I have deported you to. Pray to the Lord on its behalf, for when it thrives, you will thrive.”

- Jeremiah 29:7


& Streams

The Prayer Wall is sectioned into eight (with more coming!) ‘spheres’ or ‘gates’ — these are the different areas that make up our society such as Arts, Business, Health, and so on. Within each sphere, there are up to 12 ‘streams’. For example, Education is separated into primary, secondary, tertiary, teachers, and more.


 Would you like a month’s prayer cover? Can you pray for one minute on one day during one month, in your own time and place? This simple but loving prayer support is strengthening the city.


 Get involved

It’s pretty simple — give a little, gain a lot. You pray for one minute (or however long) on your allocated day, and receive prayer from believers across the city for the entire month!


Step One — Choose a sphere and stream

Choose which sphere and one or more streams within that sphere that you’re actively engaged in.


Arts & Entertainment

- Artists.
- Dancers.
- Designers.
- Professional musicians.
- Theatre.
- Visual arts.
- Writers.




- Aged care.
- Armed forces.
- Business.
- Hospital.
- Prison.
- School.
- Sports.
- Street.
- Other.



- Children’s Ministry leaders.
- Administrators.
- Leaders.
- Intercessors.
- Men’s ministry leaders.
- Ministry leaders.
- Mission organisations.
- Retired church and ministry leaders.
- Women in ministry.
- Worship leaders.
- Youth and young adult leaders.


- Agriculture.
- Construction.
- Finance.
- Food & beverage.
- Health & beauty.
- Resources.
- Retail.
- Small-to-medium enterprises.
- Social enterprise.
- Trades.
- Young women in business.
- Utilities.



- Kindergarten.
- Primary.
- Secondary.
- Universities.
- Bible colleges.
- Principals.
- Educators (teachers, lecturers, etc.)
- Students.



- Kids.
- Youth.
- Young adults.
- Mums & babies.
- Dads.
- Fostering & adoption.
- Grandparents.
- Single, older women.
- Over 65s.



- Allied health.
- Dentists.
- Disability.
- Doctors.
- Mental health.
- Midwives.
- Nurses.
- Rehabilitation.
- Social work.
- Sports, fitness & nutrition.



- Advertising.
- Internet.
- Newspapers.
- Magazines.
- Movies.
- Radio.
- Social media.
- Television.

Step Two — Sign up

Get in touch via our contact form and let us know your sphere and stream selections. We’ll add you to our database and send you a list of names to pray for. Members of the Prayer Wall do not have access to each other’s contact information. Other than your name, all your information is kept private and secure, and only the other people in your particular stream can see that you’ve signed up.

Step Three — Pray on your allocated day

Being a part of the Prayer Wall isn’t very demanding, we promise! Simply pray for one minute, on one day, in one month, once a year. Pray for others and pray for the city in your own way, time, and space. For your month, you’ll be covered in prayer by people all over the city.

Step Four — Catch up

There’s no catch, but there is an opportunity to catch up with those who have prayed alongside you during your month. At the catch up, you can share ideas and resources, enjoy food and fellowship — or perhaps just pray together.